Veg Cradle - India’s First Self Watering Urban Terrace Garden

Bring Life to your Space and Grow Food

We realized that the biggest challenge standing between people and growing their own food, is water. How much? how often? and simply remembering to do it. We felt that if we could create a solution that removes the guess work and makes watering easy, and attractive - it would make growing food a lot more fun and lot easier to fit into your lifestyle.

Presenting VegCradle - India’s first self watering urban terrace garden.

How Veg Cradle Works?

Water 8-12 times per year.

Water is everyone's biggest challenge. In the summer, who has time to water everyday? Sub-irrigation is magical. Nature is magical. Be like Nature and create the perfect growing environment.

Our unique self-watering system creates a hidden reservoir under the soil, mimicking a natural water table. This allows water to wick up evenly and consistently over time, creating a growing environment for your veggies to thrive! Moisture level in the soil is maintained at a constant rate over extended periods. This minimises the need to add water whilst evenly distributing moisture, providing better growing conditions for plants.

With VegCradle - Your plants are never thirsty, you're never worried, and you can grow weeks between watering.