About Us

Our Vision

One day there will be a garden on every balcony, in every yard, on all the rooftops and in the most beautiful public spaces. Communities will come together, food and those who grow it will be elevated and cherished. Life will flourish, culture will grow, and the good life will be cultivated for us all.

Our Story

We started building gardens because we saw a need for a system that would allow people to succeed at growing truly organic produce while fitting into their busy lifestyles.

We wanted to ensure our communities would have gardening success while overcoming the constant demands of constant watering. So we created the most efficient sub-irrigation system possible. Moreover, we know in our changing climate how important it is to value and conserve water--so we developed a system that wastes as little water as possible.

Our ethos has built VegCradle Projects from the ground up after we realized how a smart irrigation innovation could add health to modern urban living. Our passion for gardening and sustainable design lead to an efficient sub-irrigation system, the VegCradle.

Our self-watering urban terrace gardens are crafted with style - to look good all season long. Food Safe materials, and innovative sub-irrigation design ensures that your VegCradle Garden will stand the test of time, and help you and your family grow truly organic vegetables and herbs efficiently, no matter how small space.