Bottomless Raised Garden Beds

Eat Healthy

Grow your own organic food in your own backyard!

Out of reach for insects & pests

Safe from pets and kids for peace of mind.


Endless options available for customisation!

Save Your Back

With your garden raised, you'll find your gardening tasks super comfortable, even garden while seated.

Home Organic!

Grow super healthy, nutritious & sustainable organic produce & teach kids the value of nature!

Proudly Indian

Chennai's premier urban terrace garden bed manufacturer, we pride ourselves on being India local.

Bottomless Raised Garden Bed

Don't let bad soil stop you from planting an edible garden. The solution?... Veg Cradle - Self Watering Urban Terrace Garden. An effective and easy solution for less-than-ideal soil conditions veg cradle to increase yield and reduce the work. It's no wonder raised garden beds are the kitchen gardener's secret weapon.

Not to be confused with garden planters or containers, raised garden beds have no bottoms. Veg Cradle designed to hold above-ground mounds of soil in place. Open to the ground underneath, these beds offer excellent drainage and don't prevent plant roots from stretching out underneath.

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Setp 1 - Choose a Style


  • Most Popular Shape
  • Space-saving & organized
  • Look neat when arranged as multiple
  • Better plant spacing
  • Allows for more placement options


  • Have a greater width, shorter length
  • A modern design appeal
  • Added strength, durability, style & safety


  • Use them to fill a large area
  • Great for schools & community gardening
  • Ideal for open areas
  • Can be used in a multi-leveled design

Setp 2 - Select Your Height


Available in Stainless steel & galvanised steel, this height is versatile and especially good for tomatoes and tall growing vegetables.


vailable in Stainless steel and galvanised; 650mm height is ideal for comfortable seated gardening.


Excellent height for small to medium height vegetables to garden comfortably at a standing height. Great for things such as salads and leafy and root vegetables.

Setp 3 - Pick Your Dimensions

Slimline Shape

Length Width Available Heights
1100mm 600mm 400, 650, 800mm
1500mm 650mm 400, 650, 800mm
1900mm 650mm 400, 650, 800mm
2400mm 750mm 400, 650, 800mm
3000mm 820mm 400, 650, 800mm
3000mm 1000mm 400, 650, 800mm
Custom Custom 400, 650, 800mm

Rectangle Shape

Length Width Available Heights
1650mm 900mm 400, 650, 800mm
2100mm 1000mm 400, 650, 800mm
Custom Custom 400, 650, 800mm

Round Shape

Diameter Available Heights
1000mm 400, 650, 800mm
1200mm 400, 650, 800mm
1400mm 400, 650, 800mm
1800mm 400, 650, 800mm
Custom 400, 650, 800mm

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